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Tianyin shower from Tokyo, Japan is a very famous Japanese-made shower that has appeared on TV and even magazines. Du Rufeng also introduced it on the show. The selling point of this shower is that there are as many as 615 water holes in the water outlet panel, which is very powerful When it is strong, the water on the body will not feel very strong and painful. The touch is very gentle and the density of the water on the body is very high. It feels very dense when rinsing and can quickly wash away the bubbles.



Amane high-pressure shower head is equipped with as many as 615 world-class extremely small 0.19mm shower head water holes.
The water discharge speed is up to 50km, and the elegant design is widely praised by female users in Japan.

Made in Japan, available in red, blue and white. Product Features As many as 615 world-class, extremely small 0.19mm shower head water outlets, an amazing water outlet speed of up to 50km per hour, giving the skin a soft touch Made in Japan, from polishing to manufacturing, quality assurance throughout the production process in Japan Elegant appearance Design, widely praised by female users in Japan Save water

Color: White Maximum use temperature: 60℃
Use water pressure: 0.05~0.4MPa
Size: about 77mm×102mm×214mm
Weight: about 180g
Origin: Japan

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