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The effect of removing oil film and water stains is very good. It can be used for mirrors, bath screens, faucets, and kitchen metals. If you want to do glass coating, you must remove the oil film first, otherwise the coating layer will adhere to the oil film and prevent the coating from being damaged. too durable


Glass oil film water stain remover, you can remove old scale in a few minutes for car windshields, glass windows, and bath screens

The oil film on the glass will cause the window to be not clear enough after cleaning, or the rainwater hanging on the glass will not disperse immediately when driving in rainy days, affecting driving safety.

When driving in rainy days, the rainwater hanging on the glass will not disperse immediately, affecting driving safety
AWA glass oil film/limescale remover can clean the oil film and scale of glass, restore the original translucent state after use

Origin: Taiwan Capacity: 250ml


Clean the glass with foam first.
Pour the oil film remover onto the sponge and apply a little pressure in a circular motion.
If the glass oil film is too much and too deep, it needs to be repeatedly cleaned and increased.
After cleaning, spray water or wipe the glass with a cloth to make it translucent! (Use it with glass coating, the effect is even better) If it is not used up, please close the bottle cap tightly and place it in a cool and dry place to avoid the sun.


AWA Glass Oil Film Remover 250ml Glass Powder/Front Cleaner/Cleaner/Car Wash/Car Beauty

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Samuel Lam

[現貨|全港免運]AWA車蠟職人 - 玻璃油膜去除劑 250ml

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