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I can tell you that this smell is very good, both men and women will like the taste of cologne, but it is not too vulgar and will not feel calm, but the very comfortable smell is very similar to ordinary cologne, and it is a little unique and worth starting. It's a pity that there is no spray package for a perfume


JS Sloane After Shave Splash with a unique scent from the 1940s provides gentlemen with the perfect smoothness of a classic shave. Your skin will be revitalized, fresh and firm.

How to use: Apply to freshly shaved skin, neck or wrists as needed.

After use, it can effectively reduce the "red grains" that will appear after shaving, and it has a faint cologne fragrance, which is very easy to use!

Capacity: 118 ml

Fragrance: Top Notes - White Musk Middle Notes - Neroli Base Notes - Juniper Juniper, Musk Musk

Ingredients: Water, SD Ethanol, Glycerin, Oat Bran Extract, Curacao Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Jinluo Meiye Extract, Flavor, etc.

Features: Fresh and lasting fragrance, a must-have for dating

Origin: United States


JS Sloane was founded by Ms. Joann Kuno, the sales manager of L'Oréal (L'Oréal) for more than ten years. At first, she could not find a high-quality brand with the same texture as women's beauty products in the male market. Hair oil, shaving soap, after-beard lotion and even shoe polish products are developed, and the retro fragrance is added to the novel process and formula, and the gorgeous reproduction of the golden age of men's past has attracted the attention of the American fashion circle.

With a distinctive 1940's scent JS Sloane After Shave Splash provides gents with a perfectly smooth finish from a classic shave. Your skin will feel invigorated, fresh and tight.

Directions: Splash liberally onto just shaved skin, neck or wrist when needed.

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Raymond Tang
[JS Sloane 1947 - 鬚後古龍水 118ml] 快!靚!正! 價錢公道!

[JS Sloane 1947 - 鬚後古龍水 118ml] 快!靚!正! 價錢公道!

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