[Reservation|Free Shipping in Hong Kong] Rakuna - Whole Body Pillow (Integral Pillow)|For shoulder and neck pain|Improve stiff muscles

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Pillow designed to reduce neck and shoulder stiffness
The pillow is relatively rigid and has a supporting force. The material of the pillow core is very breathable, so you don't have to worry too much about being hot or baked. An additional 1cm adjustable pillow is attached, which can be placed at the bottom of the pillow case to make the pillow a little higher, which is more suitable for men or different head shapes. people use

Elevate the neck and lower the head to sleep, relieve shoulder and neck pain, stretch the neck curve, restore the natural posture, improve stiff muscles, and freely change the height of the pillow (with a patented 1cm height-adjusting pillow to suit different head shapes)
Medical Fit Air material ensures breathability. Not stuffy and suitable for all sleeping positions (back, then, tummy)

Size: about 520 x 290 x 120 mm (including adjustment pads)
Materials: Body - 100% Polyethylene; Cover - 100% Polyester Adjustment Pads - Sides 100% Polyester; Middle 100% Polyethylene

made in China

parallel import

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