[In stock|Free Shipping in Hong Kong] Takahiro - Stainless Steel Coffee Fine Mouth Pour Pot 0.9L|Shizuku|Easy Drip Control

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The spout outlet is only 4mm
The narrow-mouth version is easier to control the water flow when dripping out. Just master the posture, and you can quickly learn the thickness, speed and speed of the water flow, and there is no problem with dripping, so it is also called "Cheating Pot"
The kettle body accepts all heat sources

Made of stainless steel, it is rust-proof and can be exposed to an open flame. The spout is only 4mm, so you can pour out the hot water as slowly and slowly as you need. , direct fire, induction cooker and other heating methods are manufactured in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture (stainless steel processing town).

Product size: bottom 120mm × height 165mm
Capacity: 900ml 5-7 cups Weight: 375 g
Material Body: Stainless Steel Place of Origin: Japan

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