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Small round stool, to be honest, there is no big purpose. The stool has the appearance of a black and white kitten. The texture of the wood is also very suitable for the Japanese atmosphere. Not only can you put small accessories, but it is also good to wear shoes or as a display. Strong hand-made items are seen in the hands. I have seen many traces of hand-made products. The products are made by hand by grinding, scoring, coloring, etc. (you can refer to the video)
So it is not difficult to see the traces of pattern filling, of course, you may not be able to see it in the distance. If you like hand-made, you will definitely like this item


Cute Shiba Inu stool with a hood wrapped around the Shiba Inu 's neck. When putting on shoes at the entrance, the height of the stool is just right. It is also recommended to place plants and small objects in the room.

Traditional materials and production methods are used, so each batch of round stools may differ from the photo in color. There may be slight scratches, mortise and nail holes, cracks and other handwork marks. These are also unique to handcrafted.

Size: about 25cm in diameter x 23-25cm in height
Origin: Thailand


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Tomo - Handmade Wooden Black and White Cat StoolTomo - Handmade Wooden Black and White Cat StoolTomo - Handmade Wooden Black and White Cat Stool

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