Unless otherwise stated, we are not the supplier or manufacturer of the goods. We are responsible for the distribution agency and administration of the website, arranging the order processing and fulfilling the delivery of the merchandise you have ordered through our website.

When you place an order, you are purchasing the goods at the price specified for the goods. Once submitted by you, you cannot cancel the order, even if we have not accepted or rejected your order.

We will confirm by email that we have received your order. This confirmation email will provide:

your order details,

Details of the price charged,

Your order follow-up information,

This email will indicate that we will accept your order. You can track the status of your order online.

We reserve the right to not accept or cancel an order for any reason at our sole discretion, including but not limited to:

there is insufficient stock of the goods you ordered;

unable to arrange delivery for your region; or

The price indicated for one or more of the items you ordered has been incorrect due to human or computer error or incorrect pricing information provided by the supplier.

If we cancel your order, we will notify you by email and will credit you to your account or refund to your credit card account by way of payment as soon as possible within thirty (30) days of your order. You accept that we shall not be liable for any compensation for dissatisfaction arising from the incident.

Price and Payment

We will take all reasonable commercial efforts to display accurate and up-to-date prices on our website, but this website reserves the right to cancel any order with an incorrect price.

If the price of the goods at the time we intend to accept your order is higher than the price at the time you made the order, we will

cancel your order, or

Contact you to inquire about your intention to pay a higher price or to cancel your order.

If we cancel an order and you have made any payment, we will refund you. You agree and accept that we shall not be liable for any compensation for your dissatisfaction.

When you place an order, you authorize us to pay by credit card or direct transfer to our bank account in the amount in which we accepted your order. Title to the merchandise will not pass to you until the merchandise has been received.

If you pay directly (including but not limited to bank transfer, credit card, PAYME, etc.), you must provide proof. If you cannot provide this, this website has the right to refuse your order.

We use third party payment services to conduct online transactions. When you place an order, your credit card information will be collected, processed and retained by us and the payment service provider and agreed and accepted subject to their terms and conditions. You agree and accept that you are solely and solely responsible for any losses incurred or incurred by you in the conduct of credit card transactions and in no event shall we be liable for any such losses in whole or in part.

All transactions on this website are in Hong Kong dollars. All other currencies paid by credit card will be converted into Hong Kong dollars. Please consult your card-issuing bank regarding their exchange rate policy. Changes in exchange rates may cause the price paid to be different from the price at the time of purchase.

The transaction will use the current exchange rate as the reference exchange rate and convert it into Hong Kong dollars, but it is not guaranteed to be the latest exchange rate at that time. If you place an order and pay, it means that you have accepted the price at the time of placing the order.

This website is located in Hong Kong, such as banks or credit card companies due to regional issues and charge you for any fees incurred when making payments. This website is not responsible.

deliver goods

We only ship on working days.
Working days do not include Hong Kong public holidays and when Typhoon Warning Signal No. 8 or above or Black Rainstorm Warning is in force. We currently do not deliver to remote areas and outlying islands, and buildings without lift facilities. We reserve the right to refuse delivery at our sole discretion. You agree and accept that you will receive your order from our logistics provider and that we will not accept cancellation of your order or refund you under any circumstances.

We will deliver the goods you ordered to the delivery address you provided through SF Express or other logistics companies. When you confirm receipt of the merchandise, you agree to present photo identification upon request. Goods are deemed to be delivered to and received by you when they are delivered to the delivery address you have provided. If you are unable to receive the merchandise for any reason, you agree and accept that we have the right to elect to charge you additional fees or to cancel your order.

Title to the product and risk of loss of the product will pass to you when we deliver it to the selected logistics company.

When the merchandise you purchased has been delivered to you, you will become the owner of the merchandise. Once the goods have been delivered to you, you will hold the goods at your own risk and we will not be responsible for their loss or damage.

You must pay according to the shipping regulations of this website. If you do not pay enough freight, this website reserves the right to ask you to pay the freight before delivery.

We can handle the relevant transportation procedures according to the buyer's request, but the liability is limited to the delivery on time, assisting the buyer in inquiries in the event of an accident with your delivery, and does not undertake any compensation other than that provided by the logistics company to the customer. All inquiries and claims are subject to The regulations of the logistics company shall be handled. Buyer shall not claim compensation until the time limit for tracking and tracking mail by the logistics company has expired. The buyer must verify the detailed address and phone number of the consignee to avoid delay in delivery. Anyone who purchases on this website is deemed to agree to this statement.

force majeure

If due to force majeure reasons (including due to acts of God, fire, floods, accidents, riots, wars, government policies, strikes or any uncontrollable circumstances), the services you need cannot be accurately provided, and will not be provided to users or Any third party assumes no responsibility.