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Show the daily food in a special way. You can arrange different dishes or meals according to the percentage. One person, two people, a big family, gathering with friends, drinking a little tea, eating a lot of food a day, eating a day less stuff etc...
All of the above situations can be done with %PLATE, so that the product is made of resin, so there is no need to worry about it being fragile.

Size and Color
10% yellow
135 x 85 x H22mm
20% navy blue
139 x 163 x H22mm
30% pink
139 x 225 x H22mm
40% light blue
140 x 265 x H22mm
50% beige
140 x 280 x H22mm

Heat-resistant temperature: 140 degrees can use microwave oven can use dishwasher and dryer

Origin: Japan

parallel import

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