Delivery method

All orders are only sent to Hong Kong and are shipped by Express Local Express with the following detailed delivery methods, charges and time required and precautions:

Shunfeng express About 1-3 working days


Shunfeng smart cabinet address

Shunfeng co-op address

Convenience store / Shunfeng smart cabinet sometimes appear full situation, there is an opportunity to need a few more days of waiting time, if this situation, Shunfeng Express Games contact you to ask whether the transfer location / continue to wait, or guests need to contact Shunfeng on their own (tel: 2730 0273).

Bill of lading tracking

Shunfeng bill of lading tracking

You will receive an email with the bill of lading number after shipment
It is usually not received until the next working day, so consertion data is not necessarily tracked as soon as you receive the consertion number.


If the address you provide requires stairs, the delivery person may refuse to go upstairs or have the opportunity to charge an additional fee, please consult directly with the delivery person.
If you provide the wrong address and we need to contact the shipping company to resuspend the delivery, the Company will charge HK as an administrative fee.
All products will be checked at the time of shipment to ensure that everything is normal, if you find any damage to the product when receiving, please contact the shipping company immediately to recover compensation.
Free shipping means that shipping is given to you as a giveaway, and if you need to return the product, we will not be responsible for the shipping.
If the express arrival at the guest designated Shunfeng pick-up location did not take within the time limit, resulting in a delay in the return of positions / deposit fees / losses, we will not bear the loss for the guests, please understand.
The territory-wide free shipping does not include remote areas specified by the courier companies we use.