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Hario's classic hand-washing pot, whether it is IH or an open flame, can use water column to flow out more concentrated and larger in size
The 600ml capacity is about 3 people, and the focus is to keep the product made in Japan

It can be heated directly on the induction cooker and gas stove, using a gentle spout, very fine caliber
The water column is concentrated and the flow is well controlled, which is very suitable for beginners

The body of the pot is made of 304 stainless steel, which is durable and easy to clean.
Slim design, the water column is concentrated and easier to control the flow
Wide bottom design, easy to heat
Ergonomic handle design, easy to hold
Applicable to all heat sources, such as IH furnace, direct fire, induction cooker and other heating methods
Product Safety Association SG standard qualified product

Product size: length 295 × width 144 × height 130 diameter 77 mm
Capacity: 600ml full of water 1000ml
Weight (including box) 500 g
Material Body: stainless steel / top cover. Handle: phenolic resin
Origin: Japan

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Japan HARIO Mini Stainless Steel Slim Kettle/Coffee Maker VKB-100HSV
Japan HARIO Mini Stainless Steel Slim Kettle/Coffee Maker VKB-100HSV

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