[In stock|Free Shipping in Hong Kong] Mitsui Pottery - Red Painted Seven Lucky God Lucky Cat|Height 24cm|Setoyaki|Left Hand

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The seven gods of good fortune in Japan The belief concept that combines different religions is a bit like the Eight Immortals, Good luck such as longevity, wealth, business prosperity, a happy family, a good harvest, etc. will be blessed to the lucky cat. There are not many gods on the front of the lucky cat, so it does not look too religious. Although the theme is traditional, it does not look like it. It will be too red, and it is not just red. Because it is mainly red, it is called "red".


There will be some irregular points and lines in the glaze, which is normal
Since it is a fragile product, the package will be opened for inspection when it arrives, and the carton box will have traces of opening.
Each handmade product will be slightly different, and the location of the coloring is also different. If you mind, please do not buy it

Size: Height 24cm
Material: Ceramic Origin: Japan

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