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Color: sky blue
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The color is very attractive, ladies will love it
Sanyo Industry's First Cone Filter Bowl
Compared with the V60, the taste will be milder. There will be more layers
V60 will be thicker
(The taste is for reference only)

The "petal filter cup" is named after the water guiding groove on the inner edge of the filter cup, which is shaped like a flower. Sanyo Industry also directly named it " Flower Dripper ".

The petal-like pattern on the inner edge of the filter cup is dense and sparse at the top, so when this ceramic filter cup is in use, the flow rate will be faster at medium and low water levels, and it will slow down when it is submerged to the highest level. Therefore, compared with the common 60º angle conical filter cup on the market, there will be some differences.

The petal pattern design brings more diversion gaps, so that the hot air can be discharged upward when brewing coffee, which is conducive to the smoothness of the water flow; the integrated handle makes the whole more elegant and durable

Included: Arita yaki filter cup and coffee spoon for 2-4 persons
Size: 2-4 people
Filter paper matching: V60 01 / V60 02 filter paper

Origin: Japan 

parallel import

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