[In stock|Free Shipping in Hong Kong] Hirota Glass - Glass Lucky Cat Cash Box|Height 17.5cm|SM-2M

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The lucky cat beckoning with its right hand can not only bring you fortune, but also help you save money. Although the capacity is not large, it can hold more than 200 coins of 500 yen. It is a powerful decoration Japanese glass candy bottle. There are various shapes, but this one usually attracts attention in rice cracker shops and candy stores. Hirota Glass recreates the glass bottle that is difficult to manufacture and gradually disappears. The design has a nostalgic atmosphere.


Founded in 1899, Hirota Glass is a handmade glass brand with a history of more than 110 years in Sumida, Tokyo, Japan. Its factory was one of the first glass manufacturers in Japan. The introduction of modern glass production technology and the integration of Japan's unique aesthetics have created a new world of glass production technology. At the same time, it also inherits the hand-made craftsmanship and precious designs that have been passed down since the early days of World War II, and maximizes the value of glass.


Size: about W9.5×H17.5cm hand height 11cm
Material: Glass Origin: Japan

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