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color: Akashi Fuji
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There are very few Fuji products in other colors. Most of them are primary colors. This one is very suitable for couples or couples to use together.


For the most part, Mount Fuji is something we are proud of.
As if to symbolize the prosperity of Mount Fuji As if various "Fuji things" were made,
This fuji cup has red fuji and blue fuji, which makes me happy. I am very happy to make this cup. There is also a gift box. It will definitely be a happy gift to receive.

Diameter: 7 cm
Height: 8.5cm
Capacity: 250ml
Origin: Japan

parallel import

The Japanese mino-yaki brand Rokuro ( rokuro,ろくろ, Blut's ) is characterized by its three major characteristics: warm feel, powder drawing technique, simplicity and style. The craftsmen flexibly use ancient techniques with a history of four or five hundred years combined with innovative elements to hand-fired Unique work, and the signature pastel texture makes life utensils more earthy and warm.

One of Japan's three famous pottery "Mino-yaki" 
Produced in Tajimi, Gifu and Toki, which are adjacent to Seto, it is the place where the most ceramics are produced in Japan today. The reason for its prosperity is not only the richness of pottery in the area, but also because Seto potters moved to Mino to avoid the war, and later developed into a cultural representative of the Momoyama period in Japan.

In terms of the characteristics of pottery products, there may occasionally be uneven color and pattern confusion, and the manufacturing process cannot avoid minor injuries, but it does not affect the use, and it is a product that passes the standard of good product shipments from Japanese factories.
Please understand the above before purchasing.

The products are all taken in kind, please understand the color difference caused by different external reasons such as light, angle, display, etc.
Please keep dry before storing.

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