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Simple enamel kettle, just using white processing is easy to integrate into every kitchen The wooden handle makes it more distinctive, and it will not conduct heat, so it is safe to use

Noda Enamel Purchase Notes

"POCHKA Series 1.5L Simple Kettle" is a very popular super-popular star product in the whole series of Noda Enamel! POCHKA originally means "flower bud" in Russian, symbolizing the cute and lovable unique shape of this series of products! One of its charms is the round, soft, and cute pot body, and the small size design is more convenient to use. It is a powerful pot series recognized by Japan. The 1.5L capacity kettle is convenient for daily use. The wooden handle is not easy to conduct heat, so you can use it safely and cook more attentively!

Size: width 20.5 × depth 15.7 × height 20.2cm (including handle), capacity 1.5L, weight 680g
Material: Pot body / Enamel steel plate (enamel processing), Handle・Lid handle / Wood
color: White
Can be used for 100V/200V induction cooker, gas cooker
Each wood product will have shades of color, the pictures are for reference only
Origin: Japan

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Noda Horo is the most famous professional enamel utensil brand in Japan. It has a long history of more than 80 years since its establishment in Showa 9 (1934). In these long years, Noda Enamel has been focusing on the production of enamel utensils uninterruptedly. It is widely loved by the world for its strict production standards, excellent quality, and warm and simple classic and charming design.

Adhering to the design concept of "props are good helpers for people" and "good props can accompany people for a lifetime", Noda Enamel makes every product meticulously and carefully, and is committed to developing pots, plates, pots, basins, storage containers... And all kinds of kitchen utensils, we really value the importance of "diet" to human life, and create a unique and delicious food and enjoyment style for us!


Japan Noda Enamel POCHIKA

Precautions for use:

Japan Noda Enamel POCHIKA
1. The enamel products are all glazed by hand by the master, and the glaze cannot be evenly coated on the edge of the product (such as the spout or the edge of the conditioning plate, the edge of the basin), or the top of the hanging point during the firing process. Therefore, the glaze may be thinner or fall off. The original Japanese manufacturer stated that this is a normal phenomenon, please buy it with confidence.

2. This product can be used in gas stove or (100V/200V) induction cooker, please absolutely avoid using it in microwave oven.

3. When using, please avoid rapid heating, which may cause the glass material on the vessel to break; after leaving the fire source, please cool down slowly in a natural way.

4. Do not burn the enamel utensils above the fire source, and avoid long-term high-temperature frying, frying, frying and other cooking methods.

5. Do not hit the enamel utensils, so as not to cause the surface glass material to fall off; if the enamel falling off part comes into contact with water, acid or alkaline substances, it may cause rust.

6. In order to prevent rust, please avoid holding liquids for a long time. After each use, please wash, wipe and keep dry the utensils.

7. When cleaning, it is recommended to use softer tools such as sponges instead of steel brushes.

8. The capacity marked on the product refers to the maximum full water capacity. In order to prevent the danger of boiling and overflowing, it is recommended to fill it with 70% full capacity when using it.

9. When cooking on high fire, the temperature of the enamel handle is high, please be careful to avoid burns.

Japan Noda Enamel POCHIKA

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