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Most of the glasses that are usually used are fully transparent. The amber mug is a little more distinctive than the ordinary, it will not feel very dull, and it will not cover the primary color of the beer
The 360ml cup body is just enough to accommodate a can of beer. The extra space above is reserved for dense foam. The best wine foam ratio is 7:3
Glass feels sturdy and has a good feel. Wooden box packaging can be used as a gift


As a representative work of Toyo Sasaki's first domestically produced tableware tempered glass
The streamlined design can pull out dense and long-lasting beer foam
The soft amber tone and the natural wheat color of the beer bring out the soft and natural flavor
Made of FineCrystal®, an innovative eco-friendly lead-free crystal glass developed by TSG
The Great Leap Forward has improved crystal transparency, alkali resistance and scratch resistance.

Size: Diameter 64 × Height 173mm (maximum diameter 68mm)
Material: glass
Origin: Japan

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Established in 1902, TOYO SASAKI is Japan's largest glassware manufacturer, offering a wide range of hand-made and machine-made high-quality glassware. The strengthened glass, wine glass and glass plate developed by its patented technology are loved and certified by countries all over the world due to their excellent impact resistance and low breakage rate. In addition to manufacturing glassware with precision machinery, TOYO SASAKI still maintains the hand-made glass technology of Japanese craftsmen, and uses manual firing to achieve the delicate texture temperature of Japanese handicrafts, adding a strong sense of Japanese style to your kitchen life.

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