[In Stock|Free Shipping in Hong Kong] Toyo Sasaki-Sukiyuki Flower Sake Glass and Kettle Set|Cold Wine Glass|Ice Tray in Kettle|100ml Wine Glass|290ml Kettle

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The more feminine colors and patterns are not only the ice tray inside the pot, but also the attractive purple color on the cup and the pot body. (cup) , moon (cup) and flower (pot)
The extra-pleasant jug has a special space for ice cubes, which keeps cold without diluting the drink. It is a suitable gift for those who love Japanese sake.

Wine glass capacity: about 100ml
Bottle capacity: about 290ml
Origin: Japan

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Established in 1902, TOYO SASAKI is Japan's largest glassware manufacturer, offering a wide range of hand-made and machine-made high-quality glassware. The strengthened glass, wine glass and glass plate developed by its patented technology are loved and certified by countries all over the world due to their excellent impact resistance and low breakage rate. In addition to manufacturing glassware with precision machinery, TOYO SASAKI still maintains the hand-made glass technology of Japanese craftsmen, and uses manual firing to achieve the delicate texture temperature of Japanese handicrafts, adding a rich Japanese feel to your kitchen life.

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