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color: White
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It is an extremely excellent vessel, with an attractive appearance and a clear purpose.
Combining lightness and stark contrast, the luminous vessel is ideal for modern spaces. "The feel of the fit, the sense of security when you put it in the mouth, and the taste of the clay that is completely felt.
"Stick glaze and terracotta", giving it a simple yet elegant curve and colour scheme.
It seems to be very bold in Shigaraki, and the craftsmanship pays great attention to the delicate objects that look good, and you will feel what you hold in your hand.


Famous for its simplicity and fun, the spots and burn marks of each vessel are unique, and only one of each is in stock

Size: 6x5cm
Capacity: 100ml
Origin: Japan

parallel import


In terms of the characteristics of pottery products, there may occasionally be uneven color and pattern confusion, and the manufacturing process cannot avoid minor injuries, but it does not affect the use, and it is a product that passes the standard of good product shipments from Japanese factories. Please understand the above before purchasing.
The products are all taken in kind, please understand the color difference caused by different external reasons such as light, angle, display, etc.
Please keep dry before storing.

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