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A very beautiful piece of baking utensils. Because it is a pot type, it has enough depth to load Chinese dishes. When cooking spaghetti, add a piece of cheese at the end, put it in the oven, and you can go directly to the stage.

In the "Tricolour Grill" collection, the refreshing tricolour colour goes well with the chic black clay fabric.

Simple yet refreshing shapes and a perfect match of light and shade in flutter.

What makes the casserole appealing is that it can be served straight from the heat.
Keep hot things hot and cold things cold.
Baked dishes such as Ahijo, fondue and quiche can be served at their optimum temperature.
Cold cuts such as cakes and marinades can be eaten straight from the refrigerator.
Since it's a frying pan type, you can turn your usual dishes into treat dishes ♪
Very gorgeous and interesting look.

This product is not compatible with open flames.

Recommended Uses: Stew , Sheet Pan, Salad Bowls

Width / 19x14cm
Capacity (full of water) / about 230cc
Weight / about 290g
Microwave / OK
Home Dishwasher / OK

Origin: Japan

parallel import

In terms of the characteristics of pottery products, there may occasionally be uneven color and pattern confusion, and the manufacturing process cannot avoid minor injuries, but it does not affect the use, and it is a product that passes the standard of good product shipments from Japanese factories. Please understand the above before purchasing.
The products are all taken in kind, please understand the color difference caused by different external reasons such as light, angle, display, etc.
Please keep dry before storing.

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