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At first sight, it feels very retro, and the keychain that attracts this whistle is also, don't think it's just a decoration, in fact, it can be used. It has its due weight in your hand, and you can fully feel the maker's mind. It goes well with the jacket

Ocean-related keychains with exciting adventures

The whistle has always been a must-have item for the crew. A tone that won't be wiped out by the storm and can follow the crew's dangerous sailing adventures. This little keychain is just right to show the great spirit of adventure at sea. It's not easy to always have an adventurous mindset, but it's easier to give you an adventurous spirit with this little whistle keychain

Size: 4.7cm x 2cm x 1.8cm
Chain length: 4cm
Origin: India
Material: Brass
Note: This product has complete functions, but it is more decorative. It is not recommended to whistle when it is not necessary.

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