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color: White
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It is a very convenient bowl, or called a bowl to eat, eat snacks or nuts, fruit, it is very easy to use,
The opening of the bowl is big enough, it is easy to pour food, and it is also very convenient to clean. This is one of my most personal food bowls.

The Scandinavian girly collection is perfectly matched with cute little embossed slightly dull colors and retro floral prints.
The matte color blends very easily into the dining table.
Put the grain and sand pen to line it up.
A deep and stylish bowl.

Capacity (full of water) / about 440cc
Weight / about 250g
Microwave / OK
Home Dishwasher / OK

Origin: Japan

parallel import

Founded in 1951, it is one of the oldest food utensil manufacturers in Mino, Japan. It is famous for its rich and diverse product designs, including dinner plates, dishes, chopstick rests, bowls, etc.
It has been passed down under the name Yamani since the Edo period, starting with the manufacture of small pottery.
With the aim of making beautiful and functional pottery, we hope you use real pottery to keep your everyday life dynamic and your inner beauty alive .

In terms of the characteristics of pottery products, there may occasionally be uneven color and pattern confusion, and the manufacturing process cannot avoid minor injuries, but it does not affect the use, and it is a product that passes the standard of good product shipments from Japanese factories. Please understand the above before purchasing.
The products are all taken in kind, please understand the color difference caused by different external reasons such as light, angle, display, etc.
Please keep dry before storing.

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