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A glass that was once sold out of the market in Japan. When you can't travel, you can also see Mount Fuji when you drink cold drinks. When the temperature of cold drinks is lower than 17 degrees, Mount Fuji will gradually change from the original white to what it should be. color


Glass is a handicraft, and each product is not exactly the same. The color of the picture will also vary or vary depending on the color display of different screens.
Glass products are craft products. During the production process, "small bubbles" and "small bumps on the mouth of the cup" are inevitable. This phenomenon is normal and not a defect. It cannot be directly heated. It cannot be used in microwave ovens, ovens, and electric cookers to avoid rapid temperature changes.

Dimensions: φ62mm × H 102mm
Capacity: 325cc

Origin: Japan

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Maruma Takagi Pottery - Cool Discoloration Mt. Fuji Glass Pair|Gift Box|MARUMO TAKAGI

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