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A color-changing cup that was once sold out of the market in Japan. When you can't travel, you can also see cherry blossoms when drinking cold drinks. When the temperature of the cold drink is lower than 17 degrees, the cherry blossoms will gradually change from the original white color to what it should be. color

"Maruma Takagi Pottery"
It is located in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture, which is an important town of Japanese ceramics and is also famous for Minoyaki for thousands of years. Since its establishment for 100 years, it has focused on the production of Mino ware and tableware, using exclusive ceramic and glass craftsmanship to achieve delicate texture and temperature through manual firing, creating stunning and magnificent utensils. Innovative ingenuity, blending Japanese tradition and aesthetics. The meticulous detail design gives the work a timeless and unique charm.

Can not be directly heated Can not be used in microwave ovens, ovens, electric cookers to avoid rapid temperature changes

Size: φ94mmx H34mm
Capacity: 70cc

Origin: Japan

parallel import

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