[In stock|Free shipping in Hong Kong]Shotoku Glass - Daily Glass L 375ml|Ultra Thin Glass|うすはり Ultra Thin Glass Series|Single

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The capacity of 375ml is enough to meet the daily needs of beer, soda, milk, etc. It is also suitable for cups with a wall less than 1mm, making it easier for you to feel the original taste of the drink. Songde Glass has always insisted on hand-made. The ultra-thin cup body that cannot be reached and get started Lightness felt instantly
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size: Diameter 65mm* Height 135mm
Material: Glass Capacity: 375ml
Not for dishwasher use Not suitable for hot items
The glass is artificially made, and each shape and size will be slightly different. Please note that the black on the glass is a trademark sticker, which can be torn off at any time.
The product is fully transparent, because the shooting background is black, so the product image will appear black.

Origin: Japan

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