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Uniquely shaped tin-made sake drinking utensils Inherited the traditional sand casting technique of Takaoka artisans for 400 years When the cup is filled with sake, Mount Fuji on the cup will be reflected on the cup
Sake becomes the reflection of Mount Fuji
This is one of the most famous images of Mount Fuji, Inverse Fuji
The depiction and lines on Mount Fuji are not sloppy at all on this product
The peaks seen from the reflection are very carefully

There are sayings about tin utensils that "make the water less perishable" and "remove the odor and make the wine taste better". The heat transfer effect of tin products is good, which can quickly cool drinks, and is suitable for use as cold wine glasses. Refrigerate the wine glass to keep the wine colder

Note <br>Tin conducts heat quickly, it is recommended to drink cold water to avoid burns.
Do not use in acidic beverages and spherical cleaning agents to avoid corrosion.
Please wash with a soft cloth or sponge with neutral kitchen detergent after use.
To avoid scratching the surface, do not use bristle brushes or cleaners containing particles.
When the gloss disappears, wipe off commercially available metal polishes, tooth powder, baking soda and other items to restore the gloss.
Low melting point, do not place near fire.
Do not use in microwave ovens.
Do not put in the freezer to avoid discoloration or deformation of the tin cup.
Do not use in dishwasher or dryer.

Dimensions: W100 x D110 x H45
Material: Tin

Origin: Japan

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