[In Stock|Free Shipping in Hong Kong] Hario - V60 Transparent Filter Cup with Filter Paper Set 1-2 Cups|VD-01T+VCF01|Plastic Coffee Dripper VD-01T|With V60 Measuring Spoon

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shape: VD-01T with VCF-01W bleaching filter paper
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The combination is discounted, and it is good for beginners. The price is flat enough. Try the feeling of pouring coffee by hand. The cup body is resin, that is, plastic.

The V-shaped cone shape makes the coffee powder layer deeper, the hot water and coffee powder combine for a longer time, and can be extracted more deeply (with V60 measuring spoon)
Won the 2007 Japan Good Design Award to easily brew a good cup of coffee, fully brew the coffee powder at the bottom, and better control the water flow speed. The expansion space of the coffee powder is not obstructed, and the air can be released freely

Product specifications Product size: length 115 × width 100 × height 82 diameter 95mm
Capacity: 1-2 cups Weight: 100 g
Material: Main body: AS resin Measuring spoon: PP
Origin: Japan

VCF-01-100W/ VCF-01-100
Capacity: 1-2 cups
Weight : 100 g
Material: paper
Origin: Japan

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