[In stock|Free Shipping in Hong Kong] Hario - V60 MUGEN One Pour Dripper 1-2 Cups|One Water Filling|VDMU-02-TB



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Add 20 grams of medium/medium finely ground coffee powder, and slowly pour 240 milliliters of hot water in a whirlpool from the center (the official recommendation does not require the "steaming" step). The main body of the filter bowl has a transparent and layered design (VDMU-02-TB).

Product specifications
Size: 14.2cm in width, 11.6cm in length and 9.4cm in height; diameter of 11.6cm
Weight (including box): 280g
Capacity: 1~2 cups
Material: main body (AS resin); bracket (polypropylene)
Origin: Japan


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