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It is a bowl and a pan, and it is very high quality. Only one container needs to be cleaned. It is easy to use when camping. It can be directly heated. The handle has 2 styles of wood, beech or walnut. Simple appearance, simple use, simple combination Made with high-quality materials, it may be used for a lifetime. The combination of pots and bowls is a good choice for lazy people.

After receiving the wooden handle, it is best to apply a layer of oil, and edible oil can also be used. (vegetable oil)
The pot should also be cleaned, and it is best to apply a layer of oil for protection after each use.


The brand was designed by two young managers from Tokyo-based design team Tent. Through constant revisions and discussions with Fujita Metal in Osaka, they finally created a pot-and-pan dual-purpose pan with clean lines.
Combine "boil" and "eat". The Frying Pan JIU is a simple combination of a log handlebar and a thick-rolled steel scale iron plate, and the handle can be removed with a single push and slide of the thumb. The iron plate is not colored, which not only retains the best original flavor of the food, but also can be cleaned with water directly after use. It is really convenient to serve dishes after cooking and simply rinse after eating.

M inner diameter 20 cm, depth 3.5 cm
It is suitable for cooking meat, frying vegetables, chow mein, pasta, curry, etc.
This is the perfect size for your family dinner.
S inner diameter 16 cm, depth 3 cm.
It's perfect for one-pot chow mein, pasta, bread, bacon and eggs.
Can add "JIU" to your family size and serve as family breakfast.

Origin: Japan

parallel import


The way the wooden handle is fixed to the pan:
Slide the upper half back and fix the groove of the lower half to the edge of the pan. Slide the upper half forward to secure the wooden handle and fix it to the pan.

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