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Size: 450ml
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Glass coffee pot made in Japan, the glass looks more transparent than ordinary ones. Three different capacities can be used as a coffee sharing pot or a V60. It is quite practical.


Microwave heat-resistant coffee sharing box Material: heat-resistant glass, PP
Heat-resistant glass heat-resistant temperature difference: 120 ℃
PP polypropylene heat resistance temperature: 140℃
Specifications: 450ml /700ml / 1000ml
Origin: Japan

parallel import

Precautions Please use sponge and neutral lotion to clean, so as not to damage the product.
After the glass surface is cracked, do not use it again to avoid the danger of cracking.
Please keep it in a safe place so that children do not take it out of hand.
Microwave ovens are not suitable.


HARIO Japan-made V60 Coffee Pot Drip Pot Coffee Server VCS 450ml/700ml/1000mlHARIO Japan-made V60 Coffee Pot Drip Pot Coffee Server VCS 450ml/700ml/1000ml

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