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It has a similar appearance to the MSCS series. This one is 36g with a capacity of about 3 cups, so the overall body will be larger than the size of the bean grinder. The upper and lower sides are translucent. When the grinder handle is put on, the force is even and it is easier to rotate

The capacity of about 3 cups, the central axis is hexagonal, and the force is even and easier to rotate when put on the handle of the grinder.

The transparent cover on the upper end is designed to clearly see the amount of beans when grinding

The curve of the octagonal bottle body is easy to hold with one hand

The next cup is transparent, and the ground coffee beans are visible.

Adjustable dial to choose your favorite coffee powder thickness (tight on the right and loose on the left)

Product Specifications
Product size: length 157 × width 70 × height 213 diameter 63 mm
Capacity: Powder tank capacity 36 g
Weight: (including box) 400 g
Material: MS resin.PS.TPE resin.PP.POM.iron.magnet.stainless steel
Origin: Japan

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