[Pre-Order|Free Shipping in Hong Kong] Hario - Water Drip Coffee Maker丨Slow Drip Brewer 600ml丨About 5 Cups丨SBS-5B

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The product is divided into 3 parts, the upper pot, the stainless steel high-density filter, and the lower pot. The black soft cover connected to the upper pot can be moved to the lower pot. Because the diameter is the same, the lower pot can be used as a cooler if it is not used at ordinary times. kettle use

The extraction time is about 1 hour, which is not long. When using very light roasted or light roasted coffee beans, you may find that the richness may not be enough. You can adjust the ratio of powder to water, add a little more coffee powder or add water in sections, and add a small amount of water first. , and then add the remaining water to make the water flow a little slower, the quenching will be fuller, and then add the rest of the water, because the more water, the faster the flow rate.

Easy to make iced coffee, rich taste without sourness. Both upper and lower pots are made of heat-resistant glass and made of fine stainless steel filters to fully extract coffee. The scale indicates that you can accurately control the beverage capacity.

The slow extraction effect of natural dripping, low temperature storage, and taste its mellow taste. The rich aroma spreads from the taste buds to the soul, enjoying the quiet time in the afternoon.

Easy to make iced coffee, rich and not sour

The upper and lower pots are made of heat-resistant glass, which can withstand temperature up to 120°C, which is healthy and safe

The lower pot scale indicates that you can accurately grasp the beverage capacity

Slim filter with fine mesh design, more efficient to soak all the coffee grounds

The upper lid of the upper pot and the lower pot can be shared, so it is more convenient to open the lid and use it

Intimate external fixing frame design, which can stably connect the upper pot and the lower pot

Small ice drop group, does not take up space, beautiful shape, put it at home to add home taste

Product size: diameter 116 × height 360 × diameter 73 mm
Capacity: 600ML about 5 cups
Weight: (including box) 900 g
Material: Heat-resistant glass/ Top cover. Inside and outside frame: Silicone/ Drip parts: PP/ Filter: Stainless steel
Origin: Japan/China

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