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The size of 750ml is absolutely suitable for ordinary water bottles or teapots for home use. When you need to turn it into a cold brewing teapot, you can also just put it in the refrigerator. The light blue color is very similar to the real version of Blue Bottle. Sometimes you can make a pot of fruit tea. good


The combination of eastern and western art shows the beauty of the fusion of wine and tea. The high-transparency glass material shows the changes in the taste of the tea soup in the bottle. Japanese HARIO heat-resistant glass creates a temperature difference of 120 degrees.

Slim body shape is convenient to store the multi-color bright color bottle mouth filter design in the kitchen cabinet

Product specification size: width 8.7 X depth 8.4 X height 30.0
Weight: Approx. 0.45kg Diameter: 7.1cm Material: Body / Pyrex, Nozzle / Stopper / Silicone Rubber, Filter / Polypropylene Practical Capacity: 750ml
Origin : Japan

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