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The packaging of a Hario hand-brewing kettle with perfect texture is larger than usual, with a wooden handle, which makes the overall feeling very elegant and comfortable. The surface of the enamel material is not easy to be dirty, and can also be used in IH and open flame

Enamel products need to know

Enamel refers to the technology of high-temperature kiln firing by coating the metal surface with vitreous material. High thermal conductivity and excellent heat retention properties make it ideal for cooking pots: resistant to strong acids and alkalis, resistant to abrasion and durable.
Therefore, it is very easy to clean and maintain. It is suitable for all heating stoves, including IH stoves and ovens, and its thermal conductivity is excellent.

Product size: length 280 × width 136 × height 170 diameter 77 mm
Capacity: 800ML
Weight: (including box) 900G
Material: Main body. Top cover: Enameled steel plate Handle: Stainless steel. Teak handle: Teak
Origin: Thailand

parallel import

Precautions for use:

Japan Noda Enamel POCHIKA
1. The enamel products are all glazed by hand, and the glaze cannot be evenly coated on the edge of the product (such as the spout or the edge of the conditioning plate, the edge of the basin), or the top of the hanging point during the firing process. The glaze may be thinner or fall off. The original Japanese manufacturer stated that this is a normal phenomenon, please buy it with confidence.

2. It can be used in gas stove or (100V/200V) induction cooker, please absolutely avoid using it in microwave oven.

3. When using, please avoid rapid heating, which may cause the glass material on the vessel to break; after leaving the fire source, please cool down slowly in a natural way.

4. Do not burn the enamel utensils above the fire source, and avoid long-term high-temperature frying, frying, frying and other cooking methods.

5. Do not hit the enamel utensils, so as not to cause the surface glass material to fall off; if the enamel falling off part comes into contact with water, acid or alkaline substances, it may cause rust.

6. In order to prevent rust, please avoid holding liquids for a long time. After each use, please wash, wipe and keep dry the utensils.

7. When cleaning, it is recommended to use softer tools such as sponges instead of steel brushes.

8. The capacity marked on the product refers to the maximum full water capacity. In order to prevent the danger of boiling and overflowing, it is recommended to fill it with 70% full capacity when using it.

9. When cooking on high fire, the temperature of the enamel handle is high, please be careful to avoid burns.

Japan Noda Enamel POCHIKA

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