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The unique long ice filter allows you to cool down immediately when brewing
You can enjoy cold coffee sooner
You can enjoy hot coffee without ice
The dual-use design makes it possible to reduce one product in the home
And the capacity of 2-4 cups is also very suitable for families who want to greet friends or two sips


Fast cooling ice coffee maker. The long ice filter can quickly cool the dripping coffee, so you can enjoy iced coffee immediately. The cone-shaped dripper forms a layer of deep coffee powder and thoroughly extracts the flavor of the coffee.

Unique ice funnel and porous drip filter design
Extract with water bit by bit, flow through ice cubes and instantly freeze, locking in the original aroma and taste of coffee
Easily enjoy the new flavor of follicular iced coffee


Product specifications
Product size: length 180×width 120×height 220, caliber 116 mm
Capacity: 700ML 2~4 cups
Weight: (including box) 700 g
Material: heat-resistant glass.PP.paper


Made in Japan


Parallel import

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