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Size: 1-2 cups
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Very good-looking glass filter bowl, I like glass filter bowl very much, it is easy to set off white and Japanese household filter bowl. It is very heavy and thick. Although the wood is made in China, there is no difference in use. If you have a cup, you can consider this one. Sometimes I see restaurants using it.

The conical spiral design can bring out the taste of the coffee beans itself, the material of transparent glass, you can experience the visual enjoyment when brewing coffee by hand, using the natural olive wood base, detachable for cleaning

Heat-resistant glass material

Large diameter round hole design

Expansion is not hindered by space

The bottom coffee powder can be fully brewed

Serving Size: 1~2 servings / 1~4 servings

Product Specifications
Product size: diameter 120 × height 77 diameter 97 mm / diameter 120 × height 95 diameter 115 mm
Capacity: 1-2 cups / 1-4 cup
Weight: (including box) 300g/400g
Material: Base: Olive Wood/ Inside of Base: Silicone/ Measuring Spoon: PP
Place of Origin: Glass. Silicone on the inside of the base: Japan / Wood: China

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Rain Yip

[現貨|全港免運]Hario - V60 橄欖木耐熱玻璃咖啡濾杯|Olive Wood Glass Dripper VDG-01-OV/VDG-02-OV

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