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5 training methods are very creative. If you often use your mobile phone in bed, you might as well consider this lumbar pillow as a chair. If you often use a computer, you can try the material with low-rebound memory foam, which will remember you when you fall asleep. The body feeling is high. I have personally tried it. It feels relatively stiff, and it has a strong supporting force. It can always be used as a lumbar pillow, so it has a certain hardness. If you like soft pillows, please do not buy them.

There are few five-purpose pillows on the market. They are specially designed with five different ways of use. The waist and neck can be used to soothe the rock.
Using memory material, fit the neck and head~

Ergonomic and comfortable height, fully fit the head and neck Double arc design fits the head and neck respectively to strengthen the neck support, the best angle to keep the airway unobstructed Create an ideal sleeping position, starting from improving sleeping position, improving sleep quality or snoring problems on both sides Slightly higher and lower in the middle, so that the head can be placed stably and the neck muscles can be in a relaxed state. The three-dimensional side design allows for smooth breathing when sleeping on the side.

Size: about width 64 × depth 35 × height 3 ~ 8 cm
Material: (Pillowcase) Polyester 65%, Rayon 35%, (Pillow Core) Low Rebound Material Place of Origin: China

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The ideal sleeping position is をつくり, いびきなどの傩みを する pillow です. The ideal sleeping position is をつくります. Use できます for low-reflection material and body.にも outside of the upside-down bed, horizontal bedside, うつfuせせななどいろいろな usage で えます. ※The effect is not as good as the individual difference. The effect is guaranteed.

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