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The aroma of deep cleansing shampoo is slightly different, maybe because of the different effects, so it is slightly different. I thought it was alcohol at first, and the smell of the bottle is slightly different from the actual smell.
The smell is not too long-lasting, maybe about 4 hours.
I haven't used a moisturiser, but it doesn't feel bad
May not be as refreshing as deep cleansers due to hydration
There is no special research on whether it can improve the effect of hair loss, but it is not often seen hair loss


JS Sloane has used the latest technology to develop this shampoo with ingredients that help increase moisture in dry hair. Contains plant-based protein to help increase hair strength. This shampoo is best for normal to dry hair.

HOW TO USE Apply product to wet hair and scalp. Massage gently until a lather forms. Rinse and repeat as needed.

With a slightly sweet and fresh aroma of plant herbs (aloe vera), the texture is milky white, which is thicker than ordinary commercial shampoos.

After use, the hair can feel visibly fluffy, deeply saturates the hair and locks in the moisture, unlike ordinary commercial moisturizing shampoos, which just make the hair surface smooth.
The first choice for men's hair maintenance, deeply penetrate the hair, and soften it from the inside out.

It has a fresh and slightly sweet fragrance of plant herbs (aloe vera), and has a transparent texture, which is thicker than ordinary commercial shampoos.

Use JS Sloane hair oil series, or all kinds of brand hair oils, can be used with this shampoo to help remove makeup! Deeply cleans and softens hair, washable hair oil can be washed once, water-based hair oil, concrete hair oil need 2-3 times, oily hair oil needs 3-5 times.

Fragrance: Berry scent, refreshing musk scent Capacity: 8oz (236ml)
Origin: United States


JS Sloane was founded by Ms. Joann Kuno, the sales manager of L'Oréal (L'Oréal) for more than ten years. At first, she could not find a high-quality brand with the same texture as women's beauty products in the male market. Hair oil, shaving soap, after-beard lotion and even shoe polish products are developed, and the retro fragrance is added to the novel process and formula, and the gorgeous reproduction of the golden age of men's past has attracted the attention of the American fashion circle.

JS Sloane has developed this shampoo using the latest technology in ingredients that help increase moisture in dry hair. Contains a vegetable derived protein that helps increase strength of hair. This shampoo is best used for normal to dry hair.

Directions Apply product to wet hair and scalp. Massage gently until smooth lather is formed. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

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