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Each piece of wood is ground by hand one by one, and the words of the brand are engraved on one side. The wood block will be out of stock for a long time, because it is a hand-made product. The point is that it will not taste bad after a long time. After a few times, the taste will come out of the wooden box packaging, which is also good for gifts and personal use.


Kyushu's KUSU HANDMADE takes "comfortable, environmentally friendly and healthy" as its brand concept. Naturally, it does not add any chemical ingredients and has natural insect repellent and deodorant effects. The special fragrance can make cockroaches, ants and other bugs smell it and hate it and make annoying bugs gradually move. Away from your home for unlimited reuse

Effect: Removal of peculiar smell / anti-moisture and anti-mildew / effective anti-insect and moth-proof Scope of application: wardrobe, shoe cabinet, bookcase, sundries cabinet, toilet, etc.

Product Specifications Block Size: H16×W67×D27mm
External dimensions: H77×W155×D135mm
Ingredients: Natural camphor wood made in Kyushu Weight: About 535g
*Only 8 pieces have the brand printed

Origin: Japan

parallel import

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