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Enjoy the romance of one person. There is only one pot for one person. It is more suitable for tea and coffee in the company or in the room. It is just 1-2 cups. It should be noted that this pot cannot be directly heated, and hot water needs to be poured in. in use


Leisurely enjoyment, just the right amount of delicious food comes from Miyazaki Seisakusho in Tsubame City, Niigata, Japan
"Single Drip" is just the right size for one serving
At home or in the company, you can enjoy a cup of coffee elegantly at any time. After pouring the boiling water into the pot, the water temperature is about 90~85 degrees, which is the most suitable temperature for hand-brewed coffee. Whether it is durability or hygiene, it is made of Japanese stainless steel. , good thermal insulation
7mm ultra-fine spout, the inside of the spout is carefully ground to better control the amount of water injection The handle is made of wooden handle, and you can feel the excellent feel created by the craftsman
* Do not use for direct heating in microwave ovens, gas stoves, and induction cookers

Size : About W151×D153×H97mm
material : Stainless steel, wood
Weight : about 180g
Capacity : 400ml (actually about 300ml )
Origin: Japan

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