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The feeling of touching your lips with a wooden cup must be different from that of glass when you feel the drink. Since there is no coating in the cup, it will exude a woody aroma. It is more suitable for use in quiet or small gatherings. The product is a gift box. Packed as a small gift is also good

Precautions Can not be used in microwave ovens, ovens and dishwashers with clean water or warm water after each use, then dry with a dry cloth and place in a cool place, avoid sunlight and do not soak in water for a long time

Material: Cypress Capacity: Cup about 40ml | Bottle about 120ml
Product size: cup about 4.3 x H5.6cm | bottle about 6.5 x H14 cm
Origin: Japan

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Natural Kitchen - Hinoki Sake Glass Set|3 Pieces|Gift Box

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