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If you don’t know much about decoration, this one is very easy to use. It can basically completely cover the flower marks on the wall after a few wipes. It is also suitable for use at home. It is not too easy to dry. It can be left for a period of time. It is easy to volatilize the water, and it is a good product. It can be used for graffiti, cracks, peeling, mildew and other problems. As a coating, it has both uses and benefits. This is a 280g incremental version.

Safe, non-toxic, waterproof, anti-fouling, fast and convenient, long-lasting, formaldehyde-free

Contains waterproof factor to form a waterproof protective film. It can be used immediately after opening. It does not need to be blended. It is simple and easy to use. Contains natural diatomaceous earth to help regulate moisture.

Each will come with a special scraper and a tip for the use of a tip, which is more convenient to operate.

Do you have problems with damp walls, water seepage, and peeling like snowflakes?
What about the children painting the walls to flowers?
Walls starting to turn yellow, dirty, cracked because of disrepair?
Toilet, bathroom, kitchen ceiling damp, moldy and discolored?
Want to restore and repair old nail holes?

Squeeze out an appropriate amount of wall repair paste to the area that needs to be repaired, and evenly scrape the repair paste with a scraper. After it is dry and solid, use ultra-fine sandpaper to lightly smooth it. Time is very effective for repairing the wall, and it has waterproof effect, but it cannot repair the internal problems of the wall.

Produced by Taiwanese businessmen and exported to Japan Main ingredients: talc, plant cellulose, diatomaceous earth, water, rubber powder Capacity: 280g±5% per piece Shelf life: about 2 years Place of Origin: China

parallel import

Precautions Keep away from children and eyes, do not swallow, keep away from fire, keep in a cool place and do not use on humans and animals

Spot Japanese waterproof wall repair paste / wall repair paste set 250g send special scraper shpoatke

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