[Pre-Order|Free Shipping in Hong Kong] Soil - Soil X FRESHEN Moisture Absorbing, Deodorizing, Deodorizing and Deodorizing Figures|3pcs Set

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A humidity-conditioning deodorant made of diatomaceous earth, charcoal and recycled carbon with high deodorizing ability.
Great for places that smell bad, like shoe boxes.

Soil is a brand dedicated to the production of diatomite products, and only sells diatomite products using plastering techniques and materials ( Diatomaceous earth) is made into the product Soil.
It has excellent moisturizing properties and water absorption, and has a natural and comfortable design, which not only condenses the blessings of nature, but also retains the characteristics of the soil. As the material of the product, it is definitely very suitable for people with sensitive skin. It can also be used safely, and Recyclable It is a product that creates our future and is friendly to people and the environment

Material: Diatomaceous earth, carbon, recycled carbon
Dimensions: 53 x 70 mm each
Weight: about 88g each

Origin: Japan

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