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This brand has many different series of products, mainly to help solve the little troubles in life
APG quick-acting glass limescale cleaning spray is a solution specially designed for household cleaning of limescale
Usually, the bathroom screens, mirrors, faucets and other places in the home are easy to hide scale.
This is a small tool diamond sponge, it works better together

Please conduct a small-scale test in an inconspicuous place. If you have any doubts, please stop using it and ask the customer service staff.
Do not use on special surface treatment materials, such as matte glass, coated glass, coated lens, electroplated surface, mirror stainless steel, stone...etc.
Do not use it for purposes other than the product's design, and use it in an environment away from fire.
Do not use on non-smooth surfaces, which may cause fine scratches.
Do not use excessive force to avoid causing fine scratches.

Main material: PET fiber, synthetic diamond (diamond), PE sponge
Dimensions: 50x50x20 mm

made in China

limescale limescale spray
No more time and effort to clean limescale
Use with limescale and diamond sponge, the tenacious limescale disappears without a trace
If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools
Easy and good choice for smart people
Descaling and decontamination Extremely meticulous grinding of the surface
Large area 25cm2 (5x5) large grinding surface, easy to handle large glass
Scale Buster Using synthetic diamond grinding table to effectively remove scale and stains
Reuse Clean limescale is oversold Reuse is the best deal
Scope of application
Limescale Wipe Diamond Sponge Instructions for Use

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