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When I haven't seen the real thing, I think it's just a product with nothing special. I use it in my hand, but I find that the whole spoon or fork feels very easy to hold and not slippery. If you have used a cylindrical handle, you will know The whole fork spoon is formed in one piece, because the surface is marked with a hammer eye pattern, it seems that the reflection of light is a bit special


A traditional Japanese craft pattern called the hammer-eye pattern is formed by a craftsman using a hammer to continuously beat a metal tool that is almost formed. However, the strength and angle controlled by the human hand cannot be completely consistent, and some are heavy or light, and some are positive. These large and small, different shapes are also like the scales of carp - silver scales, adding a lot of vitality to the sleek and stereotyped image of the previous tableware. While enjoying casual dining, you can also feel the passion of artisans.

Included: 4 coffee spoons|4 dessert forks Size: 2.4*12.6 cm / 17g
Fork size: 1.9*13cn / 15g
Weight with gift box: 230g
Material: Stainless steel

Origin: Japan

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