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Blue, polka dots, the rice bowl is a bit small for men, most of them will be better or put on an extra meal

Hand-made 13cm Fujiyama-shaped rice bowl with green ten grass lines on the outside
This is a rice bowl that can adapt to every day on the table
Fujiyama-shaped rice bowls are designed to be used every day
Simple shape, easy to use and very easy to clean
Please enjoy each slightly different taste and rice bowl!

Width / 13x13cm
Capacity (when full of water) / about 280cc
Weight / about 280g
Microwave / OK
Home Dishwasher / OK

Origin: Japan

parallel import


In terms of the characteristics of pottery products, there may occasionally be uneven color and pattern confusion, and the manufacturing process cannot avoid minor injuries, but it does not affect the use, and it is a product that passes the standard of good product shipments from Japanese factories. Please understand the above before purchasing.
The products are all taken in kind, please understand the color difference caused by different external reasons such as light, angle, display, etc.
Please keep dry before storing.

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