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After making the soup, put the whole pot into the vacuum pot. After a few hours, you can eat very, very time-saving cooking products. The most important thing is that there is no need to watch the fire, especially for some stewed food, it will have a very good effect. The inner pot can be used with an induction cooker and The hot pot also has a coating, which is easier to clean. Recommended for braised beef brisket, boiled sugar water, and soup

The handle has a thermal insulation design, not hot

The inner and outer pots can be separated for easy cleaning

Using the world's first high-vacuum heat-breaking technology, after the inner pot heats the boiling food, it can be put into the vacuum pot to warm it up, saving time, safety and efficiency, the bottom of the pot is thick and not easy to burn, and it also has a heat preservation function

3 -layer structure on the bottom surface, using SUS medical grade 304 stainless steel, food grade PP and thermal insulation materials, completely non-toxic

The cooking pot has three layers of fluorine coating processing, Sticky and easy to clean, 2.9mm thick, easy to heat

Tempered glass lid lets you see inside while cooking

The insulated container has a vacuum insulation structure that does not transfer heat

The inner pot can be open fire, induction cooker, electric ceramic cooker

Included: cooking pot, cooking pot lid, vacuum pot, vacuum pot lid

Size: 30x24x19cm

Weight: 2.3kg

made in China

parallel import

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