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This size is suitable for some medium products, tools and groceries. The cover is in the shape of a mountain. The cover can hold some taller products.


Yamagata Toolbox, synonymous with Toyo Steel. The Y series was first commercialized 30 years ago by drawing individual steel plates.
The seamless body offers excellent durability and functionality, the interior is a single container type that can store tools of all shapes, and there are no dividers. The fastener portion has holes to which a key such as a padlock can be attached. (excluding keys) This is the item you want to texture with.


Y-350 series won the 2009 Good design award
Seamless Diaphragm Durable Tool Case Cornerless Round Handle Rugged and Lightweight Compatible with General Home Use and Professional Mechanic Use

Weight: 1.0 kg
Material: Steel Dimensions: 360 x 150 x 110mm
Origin: Japan

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Toyo Steel Toyo Steel produces a variety of toolboxes that feature seamless design and functionality, these seamless craftsmanship, with outstanding durability, are formed by drawing iron sheets. The high quality made in Japan has won the absolute trust of many professional mechanics and engineers.

When the toolbox is no longer just a tool, TOYO has given a new definition to the toolbox,
Put all the items you want to organize neatly and collect them into this beautifully crafted exclusive space (toolbox),
From the tough guy style to the soft and cute style, you can find the right space and color matching in the TOYO toolbox.
It is a storage prop that adds texture and is very practical in home, camping, and outdoor activities.

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