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The size is just right for one sip. When you drink different drinks, Mount Fuji will also turn into different colors. It is very beautiful. Each cup is made by craftsmen. There are very small impurities in the glass. It is very good for collection and use. Good for own use

The glass-bottomed Mount Fuji was designed to be as close to the real thing as possible.
The color of the drink is reflected on the mountain surface, allowing you to enjoy the various expressions of Mount Fuji.
This product has won the Grand Prize for Goods and Novelty and the Grand Prix of Tourism for the "Souvenir 2015 Grand Prize" sponsored by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
Capacity: about 130ml Caliber: 75mm Height: 78mm Origin: Japan

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"Edo glass" from the "Edo period" has been inherited to the present.
Tajima Glass connects this traditional fire with the future.
Each cup is carefully crafted by artisans with reliable techniques.
It has a deep flavor and warmth you won't find anywhere else.
Passionate, muddy, sincere. The traditional "now" is still alive here.
Traditional technology is by no means the past.
It's the best technology of our time, and it's still innovating and evolving.
To be part of Japan's beauty for 50 and 100 years,
Today and tomorrow, we continue to work hard.

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