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The mug uses a technique where the freshly blown glass is immediately placed in water and quenched.
The mesh crack pattern is a technique that only skilled craftsmen can create, and is characteristic of Edo glass.
The brilliance like diamond dust will make your drink beautiful.
Cut-flower patterned ivy grapes have long been used as an auspicious form of offspring prosperity as they produce many fruits.

Capacity: about 320ml Caliber: 65mm Height: 85mm Origin: Japan

parallel import

"Edo glass" from the "Edo period" has been inherited to the present.
Tajima Glass connects this traditional fire with the future.
Each cup is carefully crafted by artisans with reliable techniques.
It has a deep flavor and warmth you won't find anywhere else.
Passionate, muddy, sincere. The traditional "now" is still alive here.
Traditional technology is by no means the past.
It's the best technology of our time, and it's still innovating and evolving.
To be part of Japan's beauty for 50 and 100 years,
Today and tomorrow, we continue to work hard.

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