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Hardworking people simply don't have time for messy sprays that make them smell like they're being attacked by the perfume salesman at the mall. They need a bold way to smell good.

These concentrated colognes melt at your fingertips and apply where you want the scent.
The travel tin is ideal for a leather briefcase, gym bag or desk drawer

Made with natural and organic ingredients
1.5 oz lasts a long time even with multiple daily uses

The scent of navy supremacy is a light, light water with a subtle scent of citrus. If you like the scent of our navy supremacy soap, please stop reading and add it to your cart

How to use: Gently rub your fingers along the cologne , then apply precisely to your pulse areas (wrists, neck, etc.). Use twice a day if needed.

Capacity: 1.5oz

Origin: United States


Hard-working men don't have time to mess around with messy sprays that leave them smelling like they were attacked by the perfume lady at the mall. They need a fool-proof way to smell good on the go.

These concentrated cologne balms melt at your fingertips for precision scent application. Traveling tin is perfect for leather briefcases, gym bags, or desk drawers.

Made with natural and organic ingredients. A 1.5 oz tin lasts a good long time even with multiple applications per day.

The Naval Supremacy scent is a light, freshwater fragrance with subtle notes of citrus.

If you love the scent of our Naval Supremacy soap , then stop reading and add this to your cart.

How To Use: Gently rub fingers along the balm and then precisely apply to your pulse points (wrist, neck, etc.) The travel-friendly tin allows for a couple applications a day if desired.

Size: 1.5 oz.


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